12 Fast(Vrat) Recipes

Vrat is essentially fasting and is followed with several rituals and customs. Different Vrats have, different significance. Many People do Vrat without eating anything or only having liquids while others are ok to have a one time meal or snack.

Popular ingredients used in Vrat are Sago,Samak, Milk, Lotus seed, Potato, Sweet Potato,groundnuts etc. So here is the list of recipe made of the ingredients used for Vrat/Fast.

  1. Lotus Seed Cutlet – Recipe
  2. Samak/Sama ki Khichdi – Recipe
  3. Rasmalai Shots – Recipe
  4. Sweet Potato Kheer – Recipe
  5. Vrat ke Ladoo – Recipe
  6. Sago/Sabudana Khichdi – Recipe
  7. Vrat Mirchi Pakode & Kofta – Recipe
  8. Sondesh(jaggery)- Recipe
  9. Milk Kesar Peda- Recipe
  10. Fruit Cream- Recipe
  11. Meal for Fast- Recipe
  12. Steamed Sondesh- Recipe