Palak Chaat- A Tangy Spicy Snack

Street side fast food of India has been making every Indian lick his/her fingers clean. The essence of Indian food lies not in the fine-dining restaurant culture but it is buried in the streets and lanes of India – in the places which harbour the “Stalls of chaat”and the heart of flavour.

Chaats are my favorite, how about you?

Although eating roadside food is surely enjoying but its not healthy and not at all hygienic. So rather prefer to make them at home with good quality ingredients without compromising on the taste.

Here is a “Palak Chaat” recipe that might just make you drool over your keyboard.

The  aroma of crispy fried palak pakoda heavily spiced with roasted cumin and chilli, kissed with the likes of imli and khatai, only to be finished with a generous dash of lemon and sprinkling of coriander is enough to get my mouth-watering. And I am sure yours will be too, reading about it.


For Palak Chaat

First we need to get the Base ready which is nothing but palak/ spinach leaf.Select broad & big leaves of fresh palak, wash thoroughly & keep aside.

Batter to dip palak :  in besan  add pinch of hing,  red chilli powder , turmeric powder , fennel powder ( optional), cumin powder, chaat masala, garam masala, salt & water to make a thick batter.

Dip one leaf of palak in batter at a time , cover it nicely with batter & deep fry as we do for pakoras,let them be crispy.

For topping – 

1tbsp curd

Chopped onion

Red chilli

Salted peanuts

Pomegranate seeds

Tamarind chutney

Green chutney,

Masala, salt & crushed papdi which we use for sev puri

Mix them well.

For Plating
Take a dish,.put palak leaf pakora which is ready after frying,add a tbsp of filling,add tsp of both chutneys,nylon sev,crushed papdi,few pomegranate seeds & last with coriander leaves
Serve immediately as otherwise they will turn soggy

Enjoy Eating !!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Pooja bhutra says:

    The most delicious & yummy rcp i came across. It was big hit in my family. Thanks Arti for sharing this easy-peasy & detailed rcp with easily available ingredients.


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