Sabudana/Sago Khichdi- Simple yet Unique Recipe

Sabudana is considered to be a healthy non-cereal food source, and therefore forms a significant part of Hindu fasting rituals. It is mainly cooked in Navratris.
 It is rich in good carbs, fiber and calcium, and should be included in one’s regular diet. Because it is starchy in nature, it tends to get sticky during the cooking process. This is the reason why it is commonly teamed with milk to make delicious desserts. But a few tricks can help you master those savoury dishes as well.

Before making the dishes, the sabudana pearls need to be soaked in water for a few hours until they are separate and moist. “There are different qualities of sabudana that are available in the markets. You will go through a few rounds of trial and error if you are new to the ingredient, as there are some that should be soaked overnight in water, and few which requires only about two hours or so. 

Sabudana is one such ingredient which requires your attention. While cooking it, you need to ensure that you don’t overdo it because that will make the pearls chewy. Sauté them in oil /ghee and spices until they become translucent, and then quickly remove the pan from the flame.
There are various other dishes that you can make using sabudana such as thalipeeth, bhel, vadas, ladoos, etc. 

Like it is said there’s nothing like trying it on your own, So here”s simple yet unique sabudana  khichdi recepie for you.

I don’t remember how this recipe of sabudana khichdi was invented in my house but yes it is very much liked by my family members and is always in demand  not only on fasting days but also in breakfast/dinner too. This sago khichdi is cooked in  very less amount of ghee and without potatoes so its very healthy. 


1 cup soaked sabudana/sago

1 chopped tomato

2 spoon peanuts

2 tbspn ghee

1/2teaspoon chilli powder

Salt to

green chilli

Coriander to garnish.


 1. Take soaked sago(overnight or two hours) depending on type of sabudana you are using.

2. In a bowl add sago, mix salt, chilli powder, chopped tomato, green chillies.

3. Take a pan, heat ghee & fry peanuts. Take out the peanuts from ghee after frying

4. Now add the sago mixture in ghee & cook it on low flame & mix it well. Keep stirring with light hand

5. Let it cook for 5-7 min.or till it is done

6. Garnish with fried peanuts & coriander.

7 Serve it hot with tea or curd or can have it like that only.


1. Soaking sago is great tip, I just wash them properly & then leave them overnight covered with two spoon water. In morning they rise like pearl & are nonsticky.

2. If you are making for fast then can use sendha namak & can skip red chilli powder(those who dont eat in fast)

3. Dont add peanuts while cooking the khichdi as it will become soggy. I like the crunchiness of peanuts with soft sagos. So i use peanuts as garnishing ingredient. 

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