Shahi Mogar (Yellow Lentils)-Jodhpur Special

Generally we use yellow lentils(moongdal) for making Dals or Pakoras. How if we use it for making a vegetable twinned with Paneer.

Due to its rich taste it is called as “Shahi Mogar”. It is prepared in curd gravy.

This is jodhpur special dish. It is generally made in weddings, parties. It is healthy & yummy in taste

.Can be served with chapattis/Naan or any Indian breads.


 1cup yellow lentil (soaked for 3-4 hrs)

2tspn ghee

3/4 cup curd.

Paneer small cubes 10-15

Kaju tukda-10-12

Masalas like red chilli powder, haldi powder, salt to taste, coriander powder.

1/2tspn cumin seeds.


Take out water from yellow moong dal & keep aside.

In a bowl take curd & add haldi powder, red chilli powder,coriander powder & salt to taste & mix well.

In a pan heat ghee, add cumin seeds. When they splutter add dal & cook for a minute.

Keep stirring.

Now add curd mix & leave it on low flame till dal is cooked.

Keep stirring occasionally. It should not be overcooked.

Now add paneer & kaju & let it cook for 5 minutes.

Garnish it with coriander & serve it hot with chapatis.

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