Tawa Rawa Dhokla- A perfect tea-time Snack

Dhokla a favorite Indian snack originates from the Indian state of Gujarat. Among many variations of dhokla, the two most popular ones are – Khaman (made with chickpea flour), and the other one is Rava dhokla (made with semolina). 

Both the varieties are equally relished and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. It’s quick, simple and makes an excellent snack  recipe!The process used to make dhokla is by preparing  the batter instantly ,steaming & tempering after it is prepared.

Soft and spongy Instant Rava Dhokla is a steamed savory cake made in a  jiffy with semolina (sooji) and aromatic spices. A perfect  breakfast or tea-time snack that is light on the tummy and tastes fantastic!

There are certain foods that everyone finds irresistible, but for me, it’s my all-time favorite Dhokla. Perfect-cut dhokla cubes topped with a spicy tempering gives this classic dish a rich hit of flavor that will surely impress everyone on the table.

Today i am sharing a dhokla recipe which is prepared differently then the steaming process and that is why it is named as “Tawa Rawa Dhokla“.

Tawa dhokla is a snack item which can be made for an evening snack or for breakfast. It’s light, healthy and easy to make. It is cooked on Tawa instead of steaming. This gives dhokla a crunch outside and soft inside.

 For detailed recipe check the ingredients & recipe of preparing Tawa Rawa Dhokla.


1cup Rawa/Sooji

1/2 curd

1 teaspoon chilliginger paste 

1 spoon peas

Coriander finely chopped

Salt to taste

1/2 spoon Eno

For tadka

Sesame seeds

Mustard seeds

Kadi patta

2-3 green chillies cut into half

Round mould


1Take a bowl mix all ingredients & lastly add Eno to it

2 Heat a Pan & place a round mould on it

3 Pour the batter in round mould

4 Cover the pan with lid & keep the flame low

5 After 10-12 min.check with toothpick if the dhokla is not sticky

6 Turn it other side & cook for 5 min.

7 Demould the dhokla & prepare tadka

8 Serve it with chutney , sauce

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