Gud/Jaggery Halwa- A Healthy Dessert


Monsoon has arrived in Mumbai and many other Places. In Monsoon and Winter season we always want to have hot tasty and healthy food.

This is one of my favourite halwa from my childhood. Lot of memories attached with this yummy dish. Very easy to make & good to have specially in cold weather.(Monsoon &Winter).

Jaggery has lot of health benefits too, so can indulge it guiltfree.

My family eats this halwa with roasted Papad. There are two reasons for this combo. One is a sweet and spicy flavour tastes heavenly. Second as halwa has ghee in it, so having Papad along with it helps us to avoid the immediate need of water.

So lets see the ingredients and recepie in detail.


 1cup wheat flour

1cup jaggery

4-5 tbsp ghee

11/2 cup water

1tsp elaichi powder

Chopped almonds for garnishing.


 Take a pan, boil water & add jaggery to it, Let it boil in low flame till jaggery melts completely

In another pan heat ghee,Add wheat flour to ghee & cook it on low flame till it turns to good brown color

Add jaggery water to it & stir it till it absorbs all water

Add elaichi powder & almonds

Serve it hot.

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