Mango Bhajiya- Monsoon Special


Mango season is about to say bye bye as monsoon has arrived. So a dish prepared to say bye to mango & welcoming Monsoon.

We generally use mango for smoothies and desserts preparation. How if we use it in spicy crunchy  chatpata snacks and not  in desserts.

The combo of crisp& spice outside and sweet and tangy inside goes hit and best way to say bye bye to one (mango) and welcome another(monsoon)

Bhajiyas are the bliss in monsoon season.We pair bhajiyaas with tea but these are mango bhajiyas so the combo of tea & bhajiya will not go as both will taste sweet.

Spicy sauce or green mint chutneys served with hot mango bhajiya will taste awesome.

Do try this mango bhajiya recipe & surprise your loved ones .

Mango bhajiya

2 mangoes( sliced in wedges or French fries shape)

1 cup besan

1/2 spoon

1 spoon chilli powder

1/2 spoon turmeric powder

Salt to taste

Green coriander

Ginger chilli paste.


Make a besan batter as we make for bhajiyas.Mix all ingredients except mangoes and make a thick batter

Heat oil in kadhai

Dip mango slices in batter & fry them

Serve them hot with green chutney

Dont keep for long after frying as they will turn soggy

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