Sooji Balls- Healthy and Tasty Snack


Sooji/Rawa/Semolina, however we name it used in many breakfast receipies such as upma, dosa, idli,uttapam & many more.

These are commonly used rawa recepies.Many times we get bored with same kind of breakfast menu and want to have something new which is easy to make and tasty too without consuming much time in kitchen.

Today I will share the recepie of Sooji/ rawa/ semolina balls, which is quite different from all common breakfast recipies and very easy to make.

Sooji balls are steamed balls tempered with little spices. You can shape it in any shape of your choice and name it accordingly.

t makes a perfect tasty and healthy breakfast and can be made in short span of time.


1cup suji

1/2 tea spoon pepper crushed

Salt to taste

2 cups of water

For tadka:-

1/2spoon mustard seeds

1/2spoon cumin seeds

1/2Spoon urad dal

1/2 spoon tuardal


1/2spoon haldi powder

1/2 spoon chillipowder

Salt to taste

1/2 spoon sambhar masala


Boil 2 cups of water, add pepper & salt to taste

Add 1cup of suji in boiling water & mix properly so that no lumps are formed

Cover the mixture & keep it aside for 5 min.Roll the suji forming dough

Make balls from suji dough

Heat a steamer or a pan in which u can keep a sieve to steam suji balls

Steam suji balls for 10-15 minutes

Once the balls are steamed…next step is to give tadka.In a pan add 2 spoon oil, & add all the ingredients mentioned above for tadka.Then add suji balls to tadka , mix it properly, add a spoon on water & cover it with lid for 5 min.

Suji balls are ready to serve.

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