Mirchibada- Jodhpur Special Snack


Mirchibada is a famous snack of Jodhpur. It is must in menu list in any party,weddings and other occasions.

As vadapaav  is famous in Mumbai same way is Mirchibada is famous in Rajasthan.Vadapaav of mumbai makes a meal for many , in the same way mirchibadas of Jodhpur does.As many mumbaikars in hurry or while returning from office have vadapaav as meal/snack, sameway mirchibada is eaten in jodhpur as meal/snack.

It  is a spicy snack, a long green chilli stuffed with potato masala, dipped in gramflour(besan) and fried in hot oil.

This snack is good to consume in monsoon and winter when served hot. Although for jodhpurites it is an evergreen snack. We can have it at any time of the day.

Spicy mirchibadas served with hot masala tea makes a great combo.It is also served with green chutneys or tamarind chutney.


4-5 long green chillies

4 potato

1 small beetroot(optional)

1 spoon chilli powder

1/2 spoon haldi powder 

Salt to taste

3/4th spoon amchur powder

A pinch of sugar(optional)

1/2 spoon hing

Besan 2 cups for batter.

Baking soda 1/2 spoon.


Make besan batter by adding little spices like salt, mirchi powder,haldi powder & keep it aside

Boil potato & beetroot

Peel off & mash them

Add spices like red chilli powder, haldi powder, salt, amchur powder, a pinch of sugar optional. Mix them well.

Take a pan, add a spoon of oil, heat it & add hing powder in it.

Then add the potato masala which we mixed & heat it for a minute or two,to get the hing mixed & evaporate the water from the masala

Take off the masala from heat & let it cool down.Now add baking soda in besan batter & mix it

Fill in Mirchi’s(long one), here in mumbai we dont get as gud chilli as in jodhpur. Here they are quite fat

Dip it besan batter

Heat oil in a pan & fry them

Serve hot with masala tea, sauce or chutney.


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