Poha Cutlet- A simple Poha in different form


Poha is loved by all,big & small. Iis a snack which can be eaten in breakfast or  with evening tea. It  also forms meal for kids lunchbox too.

In different states it is famous with different names like kanda poha in maharastra, indori poha, surati poha etc.

At times we get bored to have a dish in same form. How if we prepare our own poha in different form enhancing its taste.

It always increases the excitement to have a same dish in different form ,taste and presentation.

Lets see poha recepie in different form”Poha Cutlet”.


 1cup poha

3 spoon curd

3-4 spoon oats powder/besan

Finely chopped veggies….onion, capsicum, grated carrot. Green coriander

1/2 tspn chilli powder

1/2 cumin powder

1/2 haldi powder

1/2 chaat masala

Salt to taste

1/2 cup roasted crushed peanuts

1/2 cup green chutney


Wash the poha in a strainer

Take a bowl, put poha in it, add curd & little water to it(2-3spoon)

Mix it well & keep it covered for 10 min

Now add all masalas & veggies & mix well.Add oats powder or besan for binding

Mix all of them & make it as dough

Now take small bowls, brush them with oil.Put the dough in bowl & pat them from top.(see pics for reference)

Take a pan with water, boil it then place the bowl filled with dough for steaming

Cover the lid.It will take 12-15 min to steam

Once done…you can serve them like that or to add more taste shallow fry them

For plating roll the corners of cutlets in green chutney & then roll it in roasted peanuts.Serve with hot tea or sauce

Notes:- You can use idli stand also instead of bowls. Shape the cutlets in tikki form & steam it using the same process.

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