Vermicelli Croquette- A delicious snack


This version of vermicelli is something that requires very little effort but tastes delicious.

I think vermicelli is the first pasta that we Indians consumed. Vermicelli is actually a very thin Pasta that is broken into bits and best of all, it is made up of whole wheat

The beauty of vermicelli is that, it can be cooked in a many different ways. You can make sweet milk based puddings to pilafs,mixed vegetable vermicelli or a simple dish like this one. Tasting different but delicious each time.

This version of vermicelli is something that I make from time to time. It requires very little effort and it tastes delicious. And best of all, my family loves it. So to me, it is that ultimate comfort food. Since it is made out of whole wheat and very less oil so I can be assured of whole goodness on my plate.


2 cup vermicelli

1/2 cup besan

1/2 spoon ginger chilli paste

Salt to taste

2-3tbsp rice flour


Cook vermicelli separately first

In a bowl take besan add salt, u can also add onion, cabbage or any other veggies finely chopped

Add cooked vermicelli to the mixture

Make a thick mixture & roll balls of it.Roll the balls in rice flour & heat the appe pan

Cook the vermicelli balls in appe pan & serve hot

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