Dal Dhokla- Rich Rajasthani Cuisine


Rajasthani cuisine need no introduction as it is famous for rich in flavours and taste.

Same way “Dal Dhokla”… yes you read it right “Dal Dhokla” & not dal dhoklis is one of the famous Rajasthani dish which is enjoyed mostly in rainy season.

Dal Dhokla are different then Rajasthani Dal Dhokli and Gujrati Dal Dhokli.Unlike dal dhoklis they both are prepared separately and enjoyed with mirchi ka kutta,sugar,ghee,pickle.

Dhoklas are made of wheat flour,spices& by adding a little bit of raw lentils. These roundels are boiled separately in water.

Dal can be taken of your choice,like moongdal,blackurad dal or panchmel( combo of any 5 dals),cooked by adding good spices in it.



1 cup dal(of your choice…I took moongdal with fistful of chana dal)

11/2 cup wheat flourA fistful of dal mixture to be added in wheat flour

1spoon chilli powder

1spoon hing powder(Hing enhances the taste of both hence need to add little more)

Salt to taste

1spoon haldi powder

2spoon oil/ghee 


Take a wheat flour,add a fistful of dal mixture to it

Add masala(half of the quantity specified rest half to be added to dal)

Add 2 spoon oil & knead a tight dough

Make dhokla roundels,these will be bigger & thicker in size than dhoklis( refer pic)

Take a broad pan or kadhai,fill with water & keep it for boiling.When the water boils up add dhokli roundels & let them cook on slow to medium flame till they are cooked

Keep them in water only & can heat them at the time of serving.Cut them into pieces & garnish them with ghee, serve hot with dal

Tips- Best way to check whether it is cooked or not is press the dal in it….if the Dal is cooked,dhoklas are done

Preparation of Dal

Wash the dal,add water & masala to it.If you are cooking in open pan as done in rajasthan then let it cook on low flame…it may take 20-25 min to be ready

In pressure cooker can take four whistles & will be ready

Give tadka of ghee,jeera & hing

Serve it hot with dhokla

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