Tiranga Barfi- Festive Special


As we all know Independence Day is around the corner and it’s the time to show some love and devotion to our National flag 🇮🇳. Our National flag consists of Saffron , White and Green which represents courage, peace and faith respectively. 

Coincidently this time on this day we are celebrating “Raksha bandhan” too.

The brother-sister relationship is one of the most unique and valuable relationships in this world. There may be arguments and bitter fights between a brother and a sister, but then there is also that special bond which they can only feel.

So to celebrate both occasions on same day, made a “tricolour barfi”. A respect for tricolor & sweet for a brother on Raksha bandhan.


3 cup dessicated coconut

3/4  cup milkmaid

7-10 saffron strands

Elaichi powder

Food color(optional)

2 spoon Pistachio powder 

1 spoon milk( add saffron strands to it)


Mix dessicated coconut powder & milkmaid properly

Divide the mixture into three partsIn one part add elaichi powder, mix & keep aside

 In second portion add saffron milk to it.If you want you can use a pinch of orange color to saffron milk

In third portion add pistachio powder & green color(optional)

To layer the barfi in tricolour, first brush the tray/ plate with ghee

Set the white layer using spatula,then layer green color mixture on it

Pat it properly to form an even layerLastly layer it with orange color

Keep the tray in fridge to set

Apply silver paper(vrak) and cut it into desired shape

Garnish with saffron & chopped dryfruits

Tiranga Barfi is ready to serve.

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