Rasmalai Shots- Navratri Special

“Happy Navratri Everyone”.

In Navratri many people do fasting .Some fasts for first & last day and some for whole nine days.

We love to have something different then usuals on fast day.

Will be sharing few fast receipies for navratri.

Do try them and  let me know how you liked them through your comments,feedbacks.

Today I am sharing a recepie of “Rasmalai Shots”.

A very interesting and very tasty too.


1 litre milk for making rabri

1/2 litre milk for rasgulla

1 spoon vinegar mixed with water

Dry fruits( saffron,elaichi powder,almonds chopped & pistachio powder)

Sugar( 1 spoon for 1rasgulla ball)

Sugar as per taste for rabri

Preparation of Rabri

Keep 1 litre milk for boiling

Once it boils,keep it on low flame

Keep stirring it occasionally, add saffron to get a good color of rabri

Let it boil till the milk is boiled half & you can see it thick like rabri

Add sugar,elaichi powder,almonds

Let it cool down and put it in fridge for cooling

Preparation of Rasgulla

Boil milk,once it is full boiled,put off the flame

Add vinegar water in it & stir it

Once the milk is fully curdled,strain it in muslin cloth

Wash the curdled milk with plain water so the smell of vinegar goes away

Now tie the cloth tightly & let it rest for 10-15 minutes

After 10-15 minutes mash the chena properly with your palms till it gets smooth

Make rasgulla balls from smooth balls

Take a deep pan & add water to it

Boil the water,Now add sugar as per balls( one spoon for one ball)

As we are making shots so we will make rasgulla balls smaller than usual size( mini rasgullas)

Once the sugar is melted add rasgulla balls & cover it with lid

Let it boil for 10-15 minutes,don’t open the lid till then

After 10-15 mins rasgullas are done

Let them cool down

Press them lightly to strain the sugar syrup in them

Now add rasgullas to rabri

Let it dissolve for 2-3 hours & then it is ready to serve.

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