Samak/Sama ki khichdi-Navratri Special

As I mentioned in my earlier post that since Navratri is going on and people are doing fast, so will share more Navratri Recepies.

Samak/Sama is very commonly used ingredient during Navratri Fast. We can make many diiferent types of Recepies with it, in which most common is its Khichdi.

Sama Khichdi is made in different ways. Even I make it in different ways. Today sharing my recepie of Sama/Samak Khichdi in one of the way I make and is liked by all in the family.

So lets start without taking much of your time.


1/2 cup Samak Chaval(soaked for 10-15min)

1small potato

1/4 cup peanuts fried

Sendha Namak(to taste)

1/2spoonHaldi powder

1spoon lemon juice

2spoon oil

A pinch of beers

1/4 spoon chilli powder/ green chillies

1/4 spoon garam masala

Coriander for garnishing


In a pan heat oil,add jeera when it splutters add small diced potato

Add 1cup water,add haldi powder,salt& chilli powder.Take one boil,now add samak chaaval,cover it with lid

Cook it till the potato & chaaval are cooked.Add garam ma’sala

Add lemon juice & mix properly

Garnish it with coriander & peanuts

Serve it hot with Curd/Chips.

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