Meal for Fast- Navratri Special


Hello Everyone, How are your fast going? When we get to eat so delicious food in fast, it is not difficult to keep fast, Isn’t it?

Today again I’ll share a very interesting and very tasty recepie of a full meal in fast. It is easy to make too.

So lets start with the recepie.

Sama-Sago dosa recepie

1cup Sama

1/2 cup sabudana

Salt to taste( sendha Namak)

3/4 cup curd


Wash Sama & Sabudana properly & soak overnight

In morning grind it with curd & salt as we do for dosa batter

Keep it covered for 3-4 hours

Now heat tawa, spread the batter as we do for dosa,apply ghee/ oil

Cook it on low- medium flame

Crispy dosa ready to serve

Note: Tawa should not be too hot or cold as the batter will stick in it


2-3 tomatoes

1 cup lauki

Salt to taste ( sendha Namak)

1/2 spoon chilli powder

1/4 spoon haldi powder

Oil to temper Pinch of hing,Rai & jeera


Boil tomato & lauki in pressure cooker. Take 3-4 whistle

Mash it properly in mixture & strain it

Heat oil,add hung,rai,jeera,curry leaves & once they splutter add the strained mixture

Add chilly powder & haldi powder to it

Take 3-4 boils,add water if needed

Garnish it with coriander,sambhar ready to serve

*Potato Masala is same as we make normal dosa masala.

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