Laapsi- A traditional Dessert


Happy Dusshera Everyone!

Dusshera a festival to celebrate Good over Evil.

As it is celebrated at the end of Navratri and end of Nine days fasts kept by devotees.
We on this  auspicious day make a traditional dessert called “Laapsi”.

Laapsi is made of laapsi rawa,jaggery & ghee.We offer it to God and then enjoy eating as Prasadam.

Laapsi Ingredients

1cup lapsi rawa

1cup jaggery( equal to rawa)

1/2 cup GheeAlmonds chopped

Elaichi powder

 3 cups Water( 3 times of lapsi rawa)


In a kadai heat ghee,add lapsi rawa & roast it in ghee till it turns good brown color

On another gas keep water to boil (2 cups plain water)

One cup water with jaggery to melt

Once the rawa is roasted nicely add plain water to it & cover it with lid( on slow flame)

When plain water evaporates,add jaggery water to it

When it is absorbed completely by lapsi rawa,garnish it with elaichi powder & chopped almonds

Laapsi is ready to serve

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