Dal Badaam Halwa- A Rich Dessert

Hope you all have enjoyed Diwali at its fullest.

Diwali is a festival of not only lights but we all enjoy it thoroughly in many terms like home decoration, making different pakwaans, greeting people and many more.

So we all have super hectic time during this Festival. We at Spoons of flavour by Aarti, made 56 bhog for God/Godess and served them. It was really superhectic time but at the same time enjoyable too.

Sharing with you all our one of the Diwali sweet “Dal Badaam Halwa” recepie.

Dal badam Halwa


250 gm yellow moongdal( soaked overnight)

250 gm almonds( peeled & grounded corsely)

250 gm khoya

250 gm ghee

250 sugar

1cup water to make sugar water

10-15 saffron strands

20-25 peeled pistachio

chopped almonds( optional)

Elaichi powder


In a thick pan, heat ghee

Grind soaked moongdal & add to ghee

Keep stirring dal to avoid lumps & sticking at bottom of pan

When it turns it colour to little pink add almonds to it & keep stirring it on low flame

Keep stirring it till it changes it colour again, then add khoya to it

I have used homemade khoya,you can use any.On other gas,boil water & add sugar to it

Please note we dont have to make sugar syrup,only sugar water is required so boil till sugar melts & put off the flame

Keep stirring till the halwa turns to good golden colour

Put off the gas when it turns to good golden colour

Now let it cool down a little.*Another point to note is sugar water & halwa both should not be hot at the time of mixing

Either of one should be hot & other one should be hot

Mix sugar water in halwa.Add saffron strands soaked in milk,elaichi powder,pistachios,chopped almond and mix it properly

Now it is ready to serve.You can store it in airtight box & keep in fridge when it comes to normal temperature.

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