Fruit Cream – Delightful Dessert

Fruits are healthy and tasty to have on daily basis. We can use fruits in many ways in our day to day life like, fruit juice, fruit chaat, fruit salad etc.

Fruit cream is a dessert which can be served in any party, get together or also for kids party. It is very easy to make and liked by all adults and kids.


10 bananas

2 Apples

1cup pomegranate

11/2 cup fresh cream

Dryfruits for garnishing( cashews,saffron strands)

 Red cherries if available

Sugar as per taste


Add sugar in cream,mix it and keep aside

Soak saffron strands in 2 spoon milk

Chop apples ,bananas ( medium size pieces)

Now mix chopped fruits with cream

Add saffron milk,cashewnuts,pomegranate

Serve in serve bowls

Garnish it with cherries

Serve chill

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