Haldi(Turmeric) Sabji- Jodhpur Special

Winters are approaching. We get huge variety of fruits and vegetables in winters.

Turmeric( fresh haldi) is one of them.We all know how healthy turmeric is for health.There are so many benefits of haldi.

We can also make variety of dishes with fresh haldi available nowadays like haldi pickle,haldi sabji,or can be used in place of turmeric powder too

Today Ill share the recepie of Haldi Sabji



250 gm grated haldi

2 cups of ghee

1 cup thick curd

1 fist cauliflower(cut in small pieces)

1 fist peas

2 teaspoonChilli powder

Salt to taste

2 teaspoon coriander powder

1 teaspoon amchur powder

A pinch of hing powder

5-7 Cashews cut into four  piece


1. Heat ghee in pan & add hing to it

2. Stir fry grated haldi in ghee till it changes it color

3.In another bowl take curd with all spices except amchur powder & mix them well.

4.Now add the curd with spices mix in haldi and keep stirring it occasionally on low flame

5.Add cauliflower & peas & let it cook on low flame

6. When haldi starts leaving ghee it means it is cooked

7. Add turmeric powder& cashewnuts to it & mix it well

8. Put off the flame

9. If you find ghee is more then tilt the pan & take out the extra ghee . It can be used in cooking some other veggies

10 Serve it with Crispy Roti

Note:- If u dont want to add cauliflower & peas u can skip it, although they enhance the taste.

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