Gaajar Ka Halwa – Season’s Favourite

Gaajar ka Halwa is favourite of one and all. As soon as we see Gaajar in Market , first thing comes in mind is Halwa Isn’t it.

Winter brings with it lot of varieties of food and we all enjoy to have all delicacies as we get to eat them once a year i.e. only in winters.

So without delaying lets see the recepie of yummlicious and seasonal ” Gaajar ka Halwa”


11/2 kg gaajar( carrot)

2 litre milk

Sugar as per taste

Elaichi powder

Almonds sliced

Pinch of Saffron

 Cashews for garnishing. 


Wash,peel and grate the carrot

In a broad thick bottom pan, take one boil of milk

Now in boiled milk add grated carrot

Keep stirring it occassionally till the whole milk evaporates

Add sugar,elaichi powder,almonds & saffron

Mix it properly & serve hot

It can be stored in airtight container & kept in fridge for long time.

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