Tilpatti- Sakranti Special


This festival main dish is made of Til and jaggery and that add sparks to the festival. Kite flying is also a great part of the festival during the day the whole family enjoys kite flying

The different part of the country celebrates this festival differently and calls it with different names. But the ultimate aim of the festival remains the same throughout the country that is spreading prosperity, togetherness, and joy.

I am sharing the recepie of Tilpatti which is very famous during winters,specially Sankranti time and it is very very easy to make.


1 cup til( seasame seeds)

1 cup sugar

Elaichi powder

Pistachios chopped

1/2 lemon juice

Ghee for garnishing.


Dry roast til( seasame seeds) for 3-4 min.on low to medium flame with continous stirring

Take out til in a plate & keep aside

Take sugar in a pan, add lemon juice to it

Now again on low to medium flame keep stirring sugar till it completely melts

Once the sugar completely melts, add roasted til to it, put elaichi powder and stir it well

Put off the gas flame.Now take a roller,grease it properly and roll the whole mixture

Before rolling put pistachios on the mixture

Now roll it in thin or thick whatever shape you like

Cut it immediately before the mixture gets cold

Store it in airtight container and enjoy eating

Note- The mixture needs to be rolled and cut into pieces till it is hot.

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