Aloo Methi Paratha- Simple yet Tasty Recepie

Winters are almost saying good bye and so as green leafy vegetables. We all know how good is methi for our health. It has fiber,Protein and also rich in Iron.

It is also helpful in controlling blood sugar level,reduces cholestrol and many more benefits. On the other hand Potato is rich in potassium, fat and carbs. Combo of both make a very healthy and also tasty recepie.

Recepie of Aloo Methi Paratha


2 medium potato/ aloo

11/2 cup methi

1/2 spoon haldi powder

1/4 spoon hing powder

1/4 spoon cumin seeds

1spoon chilli powder

1/2 spoon amchur powder


Roti dough



Boil potato & clean & chopp methi.In a pan, heat 1 spoon ghee, add cumin seeds then on low flame cook chopped methi for 5 minutes

Add mashed potato & all spices in the methi.Mix them all properly & keep aside

Make roti dough and make balls for rolling rotis, a little bigger size than roti balls

Roll a small chapati, fill the potato methi filling ,make a ball again & roll it as thick Parathas

Cook with ghee on medium- slow gas flame

Once cooked serve with curd & topped with butter.Yummy, tasty parathas are ready to serve


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