Mirchi Pakode & Kofta- Vrat Snack.

When we are fasting we want to eat something fulfilling yet tasty and chatpata too.It can be in form of full meal or Snack.

Today I am sharing a recepie of Snack which is fulfilling and chatpata to eat when we are fasting.

Vrat wale Mirchi Pakode & Kofta


For Masala

4 potatoes medium size


4-5 Chillies( big )

1 1/2 spoonChilli powder

Sendha Namak to taste

1/2 spoon Haldi powder

1spoon Amchur powder

1/4th spoon hing

A pinch of garam ma’sala(optional)

For batter

1cup rajgira flour

1/2cup sighaara flour

1/2 spoon salt

1/4th spoon pepper powder

Mix all & make batter as we make for pakoras.


Boil potato & beetroot,Peel & mash them

Add all spices & mix properly.Put a cut on chillies in center & fill the masala

Also put little masala on the outer covering of chillies

Make balls of masala for PakoraDip filled chillies/ masala balls in batter & deep fry them

Serve hot with masala tea

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