Churma Gujiya – Fusion

Ghujiya is a typical dish made during Holi. It is made out of white flour filled with a sweet filling of dry-fruits and khoya. It is the most cherished food item of the Holi festival.

People make it at home, but these days they are widely available in the market too. There are also many variations of Ghujiya. Dry Ghujiya and another one that is dipped in sugar syrup .

Churma is a very famous sweet of Rajasthan, being a Rajasthani I thought instead of making a very common recepi of Mawa Ghujiya, why not I make it differently.

So for a innovation I tried making Churma Gujiya and let me tell you it was mouth melting recepi.

Recepi of Churma Gujiyas

11/2 cup Maida

3/4 cup wheat flour

4-5 spoon ghee for dough

Ghee for frying gujiyas

1 cup sugar

1 cup hot water

1/2 cup milk

1/4th cup grated coconut( optional)

Saffron, elaichi powder, almond flakes according to your taste


In a bowl take maida, add two spoon ghee & with warm water make a tight dough. Cover it & keep aside

Filling preparation(churma)

In another bowl take wheat flour, add 2 spoon ghee & make tight dough using milk. Dont use water to make this dough

Roll a  thick paratha of wheat dough & cook it on a pan using ghee. It should be properly cooked from both sides

Break the cooked paratha into small pieces to let it come down to normal temperature

In a mixture grind the paratha pieces in fine powder. It should not be grinded too much

Put a spoon ghee in a pan, on low flame cook the powdered Churma.Add pinch of elaichi to it

Cook it till it turns the color to little golden & aroma of Churma starts coming.Now put the Churma mix in a bowl, add 1/2 cup powdered sugar, almond flakes, coconut grated& mix them well.Our filling for ghujiya is ready

Rolling gujiyas Take the Maida dough & divide into ball size parts.Roll it into pooris size evenly. Now add 11/2 spoon of Churma to it and fold it & lock the corners by applying water on the sides. On boundary you can give design using hand or fork as per your choice.(see pic)Prepare all gujiyas in same way, keep it on cloth & cover it with cloth for sometime

Frying gujiyas & glazing with sugar syrup.On low flame in k adhai, keep ghee for frying.We don’t have to heat ghee a lot it should just melt.Flame should be low throughout for frying gujiyas.Add gujiyas to ghee & fry till they turn golden in color from both sides


Take out from ghee & add them to sugar syrup.I have just glazed them as they will become very sweet as filling also have sugar in it.If you like extra sweet can dip in sugar syrup for longer time 
For sugar syrup take 1/2 cup sugar & 1/3rd cup water, boil them together, if u wish add some saffron strands to the syrup. It should not be boiled too much, only the sugar should melt & syrup becomes sticky.Turnoff the flame & cover it with lid.

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