Ghujiya (Dahi) Vada -Summer Special

Dahi Vada is again a Popular dish made in Holi. Although Dahi Vada is something which can be enjoyed on any hot summer day. Chilled Dahi Vada topped with green and Tamarind chutneys gives a relieve to beat the heat.

Ghujiya Dahi Vada is famous at my hometown Jodhpur(Raj), although not sure if it is made in any other parts too. This dahi vada is quite different than the usual dahi vadas.

This Dahi Vada is in shape of Ghujiya and has filling of cashwes,elaichi powder, chilli and ginger pieces.

So lets have a look on the recepi step by step with pictures for reference.

Ghujiya Vada.

11/2 cup Urad dal

Ginger chopped into small pieces

Green chillies chopped into small pieces

Elaichi powder

Cashews cut into four pieces

Muslin cloth or plastic sheet

Oil for frying vadas


Soak dal for  5-6 hours  and grind it to thick batter

Wet the muslin cloth or plastic sheet

Spread one tablespoon batter in round shape

Fill few pieces of ginger, chilli, cashews and pinch of elaichi powder

Fold the muslin cloth or plastic sheet to double so as to give the shape of gujiya

Put them in hot oil & fry till they turn little golden

Take out from oil & soak them in water for 10-15 minutes

Squeeze water from them gently & dip them in curd

Serve with tamarind & green chutney chilli powder,salt as per taste & cumin powder.

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