Mawa Kachori- Holi Special

We all know that Rajasthan is famous for its rich food and sweets . Mawa Kachori is one of the rich sweet available in Rajasthan.

Mawa also known as khoya/evaporated milk solids mixed with dry fruits is used as filling in Kachoris

Kachoris are deep fried in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup. Any festival without sweet is incomplete in India. So lets celebrate Holi with this mouth watering sweet which is also easy to make.

Ingredients of filling

150 gmMawa/ khoya

1 spoonJavetri


1spoon Elaichi powder & few seeds too

Saffron few strands

Sugar – 4 spoons

For making kachori

Maida 2 cups

Ghee for frying & dough

1cup of Sugar to make syrup

Preparation of filling

First make khoya by evaporating the milk on slow flame with stirring on regular intervals till it turn into solids

Note:- I used 3/4th litre milk by which i could make approx 10 kachoris(small size). You can make according to your requirement.

For filling mix all ingredients properly and make small balls

Preparation of kachori

Take 2 cup maida in bowl,add 3-4 spoon of ghee to it and make dough using water

It should not be too tight or too loose.Cover it with wet muslin cloth and keep it aside for half an hour

Now take small portion ,make ball and spread it with fingers in circular motion

Put filling ball in it and close the mouth.Gently press the ball & tap it with side of palm and spread it evenly

Make it of size you like.Heat Ghee in kadai, put kachoris & let them fry on slow flame till they turn good golden colour and completely fried.

Make sugar syrup by mixing 1 cup of sugar with 3/4 cup of water, take a boil & stir till sugar melts. We dont need too thick chasni.Add food colour( optional), saffron strands & elaichi powder in sugar syrup.

Dipping of kachoris in sugar syrupMake a small hole in center of kachoris & by spoon pour 3-4 spoons of hot sugar in kachori

Then dip the kachori for a minute in  hot sugar syrup and serve it.Left kachoris can be stored in fridge in an air container  without dipping in sugar syrup .

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