Masala Laccha Paratha- A Simple dish


During this lockdown period, it is getting difficult for people to step out of house to buy vegetables. In this crisis period , it is important for all of us to cook food with ingredients available at home.

Todays recepi is very simple yet tasty dish, which requires very less ingredients which are all available at home.From childhood we all must have ate Masala Paratha. From that point of time this paratha was made at the time of crisis only like, no vegetable in stock at home or getting delayed for school, offices, it was a rescuer.

During this time of lockdown, this recepi can be a rescuer for many. Only thing is I have given twist to Masala Paratha and it is now Masala Laccha Paratha. It can be served with simple curd or pickle available at home.

2 cup wheat flour

1/2 spoon chilli powder

1/4 spoon haldi powder

Salt to taste

1/4 spoon amchur powder

1/4 spoon jeera powder or jeera

1/4 spoon crushed dried pudina

Ghee or oil for cooking

PreparationKnead a dough as we knead for roti.Make balls of it, roll one chapati,it should be little thick then chapati

Apply ghee all over the chapati

Sprinkle all the masalas one by one on the chapati ( as per your taste)

Now fold it form of layer outward side( masala side up)( can refer pic)

Now roll it in circle form& press it

Sprinkle pudhina on it & roll it as paratha.You will see the layers in it

Cook it on hot tawa applying ghee or oil

Serve it with curd and pickle.Simple yet very tasty Parathas are ready with minimal ingredients used.

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