Kadhi Kachori – Rajasthan Special


“Kadhi Kachori” is a famous Rajasthani snack which again you can find at any nukkad chaat wala. The spicy kachori immersed in tangy kadhi gives it the most unique taste.It is an awesome snack and very chatpata too.You can’t just have one

Kachoris are fried stuffed puris made up of maida with the filling of moong dal and kadhi is made using chickpea flour(besan), curd and rajasthani spices which makes it delicious.

If you are visiting Rajasthan, you cannot miss having this chaat snack.Kadhi Kachori is famous of many places in Rajasthan, few famous among them are of Ajmer and Jodhpur.

Being a Rajasthani, eating spicy food is a habbit inculcated from childhood. So for we Rajasthanis this chatpata snack is among one of the favourites.

Sharing a detailed recepi of Kachori, Kadhi and Kadhi Kachori.

For kachori

3 cup maida

1/2 spoon ajwain

A pinch of salt

2-3 spoon oil

Water to make dough

For filling 

3/4 cup moongdal

1/2 spoon chilli powder

1/4 spoon haldi powder

1/2 spoon amchur powder

1/4 spoon garam masala

2 pinch crushed pudhina

Salt to taste


For making dough, mix all ingredients except water.Now knead a soft  dough by using little little water

Knead for 5 min.and then cover with lid or cloth and keep it aside for half an hour.

Preparation of filling

Pressure cooker moongdal, add haldi & salt while steaming.

Take two whistles if not soaked before. If you have soaked dal then one whistle is good

Now heat oil in pan, add hing, cumin seeds to it, now add steamed dal,all spices, mix properly and let it cool completely.

Preparation of kachoris

Make equal size balls of dough and filling both and keep it aside

Now take one ball of dough, spread it with finger tips in such a way that filling ball can be kept in it

After keeping the filling ball in the dough,close all the ends of dough tightly,it should not have open ends

Now using your palm press the ball from all sides in lighter way till it will take the shape of kachori

Make all the kachoris in same method

Heat oil and put 2-3 kachoris one at a time and cook it till they turn golden brown in kadai

Your kachoris are ready

Ingredientsof kadhi

1/2 cup curd

1 serving spoon besan

1/2 tbspn chilli powder

1/4 tbspn haldi powder

Salt to taste

2-3 spoon ghee

2 cloves

2 kashmiri chilli

1/4 spoon jeera

1/4 spoon mustard seeds

1/4 spoon methi dana

3-4 curry leaves


Mix curd,besan, salt,chilli powder,haldi powder and make batter( like chaach) using water

In a kadai(Preferably iron kadai to give good colour to kadhi) heat ghee, add kashmiri chilli, cloves,methi dana, jeera and mustard seeds and curry leaves

Let them temper then pour the batter to it

Let it cook for 30-45 min on low flame, stirring occassionally

If you find it thick in between you can add more water to it

It is said kadhi tastes awesome if we cook it for longer time.So if you have more time you can cook it for longer time

Kadhi is ready

Plating of kadhi kachori




Tamarind chutney

Green chutney

Chopped onion

Chopped & fried green chillies


Take a plate,place kachori in it,make a whole in center of kachori, pour kadhi in it

On top add tamarind and green chutneys

Garnish with onion & chillies

Kadhi kachori is ready to relish😋😋

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