Healthy Snack- Leftover ka Makeover

In this lockdown period as we all know are not supposed to step out of house frequently, so we have to use all our resources available with us efficiently.

Food is an essential requirement of day to day life hence need to be used mindfully. Today I am sharing a recepi of healthy snack made of Left over Rotis.

This recepi is of my grandma. From childhood I am eating this healthy snack made by my grandmaa and then followed by my mother and now me, whenever we have leftover roti in the house

It is very easy to make and is very tasty too. It is healthy as you can make in 2-3 spoon oil. Lets see the ingredients and the process to make this healthy snack


leftover rotis

1/2 cup besan ( quantity will depend as per no of rotis left)

A pinch of hing

1/2 spoon ajwain

1/2 spoon chilli powder

salt to taste

1/4 spoon haldi powder

1 small onion chopped

green chillies chopped

chopped coriander

water to make batter

oil for cooking


In a bowl mix all ingredieents together except oil and made a batter

Batter should not be watery nor too thick

Take one roti and spread batter all over it, as shown in pic

Heat tawa, apply little oil on it and put the roti upside down on tawa as shown in pic

Apply little oil and let it cook

Once it is cooked from one side, turn it to other side and let it cook till it turns crispy.

Your healthy snack is ready to serve

You can serve it with sauce or with tea.

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