Lentils Dosa – A Healthy Recepi


We all know dals are very healthy and is made in almost all households everyday. We eat dals in different ways like dals, khichdi, sambhar etc. Also the combination dal with rice or dal with roti, dal baati, dal dhokla and many other ways.

Have you ever tried Dosa of dals? Yes, you heard it right. We get bored of eating same thing in same form everyday. So to give it a change I tried to change the form of dal consumption and that change was making dosa out of dals. I really loved it and found it so healthy and tasty too.

Dal is a source of Protein and carbohydrates. Thus it helps us to fulfill both the requirement.It can be made in a very less or even no oil if you make it on nonstick tawa.

So, do try this healthy and yummy recepi of Dal dosa.


11/2 cup of dal ( mix of dals of your choice)

Salt to taste

2-3 spoon curd

PreparationSoak dal for 4-5 hours

Grind it into batter form,add salt and curd to it

Keep it aside for fermentation for 2-3 hours

Heat pan and with laddle pour batter and spread it in form of dosa

Apply ghee/ oil/ butter anything of your choice

Once it is cooked serve hot with sambhar, coconut chutney or green chutney

It can be made as cheesy dosa too, spread cheese at the time of cooking dosa

Note: For variation you can also add daliya with dals to make batter. 

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