Beetroot Sandwich Dhokla – Gujarati Snack


We all know gujarati snacks are famous all over the world. Dhoklas are one of them.

Dhoklas can be made in so many ways like khaman dhokla, khatta dhokla,Suji dhokla,khamani etc etc. All are prepared in different ways with different process and ingredients.If you see my previous posts , few recepies of different types of dhoklas are posted before.

Khatta dhokla is made up of fermented idli batter.It can be made in sandwhich style or of single layer. So today I am sharing a recepi of Khatta dhokla with little twist in it. We use haldi powder, green chutneys or Palak Puree in sandwhich dhokla to give it different colour

I am very fond of colours and I do love playing them.So that is what I have done in this dhokla recepi. Any guesses, what I have done?

Let me tell you, So I made the Sandwhich Dhokla with one layer white and other layer using beetroot juice. Isn’t it surprising and new too. It really looked very beautiful, you can see in pictures and also it was very tasty. Most of all very healthy too.

So lets quickly come to recepi and see how it is made.


Dosa batter – 3 cups

Salt to taste

1/4 th cup bettroot juice

For tempering

1/4 spoon Mustard seeds

1/4 spoon sesame seeds

3/4 chillies

5-7 curry leaves

11/2 spoon oil


Add salt to idli batter. I have used homemade idli batter with overnight fermentation

Divide idli batter in two parts.If it is thick then add little water in one part as in other part we will add beetroot juice

Grease the tray,heat water in steamer and then add the plain batter and steam for 5-7 minutes

Meanwhile add beetroot juice in another part.Please note since my batter was fermented overnight so have not added eno/ soda in it

After 7 minutes,pour the beetroot batter and let it cook for more 7/8 minutes or till the knife does not come out clean

Let it cool, till then prepare tadka.Heat oil, add mustard seeds, sesame seeds, green chillies and curry leaves

Once all tempers,put off the flame and keep it aside.

To make it look more beautiful, I have not spread tadka all over, rather after cutting pieces have put tadka on one one piece as you can see in the pic.

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