Mango Cream – Season’s Special


Summer is the season of King of Fruits – “Mangoes”. We all love and relish the dishes made up of mangoes during this season.

I have previously shared two recepies using Mangoes i.e Mango Kalakand, Mango Bhajiya. One of which is dessert and other is tea-time snack.

Today again, will share a Dessert recepi using Mangoes. It is very easy to make and very tasty to have chilled in this hot summer


150 gm Cream ( I used Amul)

6/7 Mangoes ( depends on their size)

Sugar as per your taste

10-12 cashews ( cut into four piece)

10 kesar strands ( soaked in a spoon of milk)


Peel and cut mangoes in square pieces

Add cream and sugar to it, Mix it properly

Add cashews and saffron strands, mix again

Let it chill before serving.

Enjoy the chilled Mango Cream after lunch/dinner.

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