Veg Burger Bun – Mc Donald style


My son wished to have Mc, Donald ‘s Mc veggie but as it is not safe to have outside food during this lockdown period, so I decided to make it at home.

Making Burger Buns at home is no deal, if you have tried my Pav recepi. The same recepi I used to make Burger Buns.Only difference is buns we have to make biigger in size than Paav.

For vegetable tikki, you can use veggies of your choice. It can be deep fried or shallow fried as per your choice.

I will tell you that it tasted exactly or more fresh than what we get from outside as it is not reheated or refried or stored for long. So would suggest to try this recepi as it will not only satitate your cravings but also will be demanded again and again in your house. Thats what it happened in my house.

Lets start with recepi

Burger Buns

As mentioned above, I used my Pav recepi, which you can check on the blog itself

Ingredients of Tikki

2 medium boiled potato

4 tbspn chopped carrot

4 tbspn cabbage finely chopped

2 tbspn capsicum

1 spoon chaat masala

Salt to taste

1/4 spoon pepper

1/4 cup breadcrumbs for tikki

1/2 cup breadcrumbs for coating

2-3 spoon maida for slurry

Note- If you want it to be more spicy then you can add some chilli flakes or green chillies as per your choice.


Mix boiled potato, all veggies, breadcrumbs,pepper,chaat masala,salt

Make  tikkis out of it, according to the size of your burger

Make maida slurry using water,Dip the tikkis in slurry & then coat with breadcrumbs

Shallow fry or derp fry as per your choice. I have shallow fried them

Plating of burger

Cut burger buns into two halfs

Apply little sauce on one part, place lettuce on it,place tikki on it,place some roundels of tomato and onion on top of tikki

Pour mayonnaise on it, You can also pour some chilli sauce on it

Cover it with other part of burger buns

Burger bun is ready to eat.

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