Mango Rabri Kulfi – Summer Dessert


Kulfi/Ice-cream is a frozen dessert or Snack which is simple and delicious for any occasion.Summers-Mango Season-Kulfi/Ice-cream, Isn’t a best combo?

We all love summers for being a Mango Season and also can have chilled dishes to beat the heat.

Frozen desserts is a perfect accompaniment to hot summer’s day.Although we can make many other dishes with mangoes but frozen chilled Mango Rabri Kulfi has its own taste and flavour in mouth even after finishing it.

This dessert made up of Mango, Rabri and dry fruits will certainly be in demand again and again in your house. Its loved by one and all.

Lets have a look at the recepi.


1 litre Milk

3 Mangoes

4 spoon sugar

Elaichi powder

Almonds & pistachios flakes



Boil Milk to half on low flame. Mix sugar and dry fruits and let it cool

Now make puree of 2 mangoes and one mango chop it into small pieces 

Once rabri is cooled, either you can mix rabri & mango puree together or to give some design, Layer rabri- mango- rabri or mango- rabri- mango in moulds.

You can layer as you want and also keep adding some chopped mango pieces in each layer

Freeze it for two days as mango rabri takes time to set completely

After one day ,you can insert ice cream stick,if you want to and check the kulfi after two days

Your Mango- Rabri Kulfi is ready to serve,Enjoy Mango season in different ways

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