Mango Lassi- A Summer Drink


Lassi, Indian Summer Cooler can be made with in many different flavours. Lassi is the oldest smoothie in the world.

Lassi is the most loved beverage in Sweltering Summers of India. Smooth and Creamy this yoghurt made refreshment, traditionally used to be served in earthern pots helping to cool you instantly.

This beverage is too much available on streets and restaurants during Summers.Generally it is known as beverage of Punjabis but I guess everyone loves to induge this during hot summers.

A tall glass of Lassi in sweltering summers is a must requirement.How if, we enhance the taste of this mostly loved beverage with the king of fruits i.e Mango.A combo of chilled Lassi with Mango will be a treat to your taste buds.

Mango is a fruit of summer and Lassi is the beverage of hot summers. So combining both will certainly make the Summers Cool- Cool.


2 cup thick curd

2 mango

A pinch of saffron

A pinch of elaichi powder 

Almonds,pistachio and some cashews for garnishing

Few sliced mango for garnishing.

4 spoon sugar

Take thick curd add sugar mix it well.Cut one mango in small pieces and make puree of it.add it into curd then blend it properly or layer it with one layer of plain lassi then some chopped mangoes then top it with one layer of mango puree, again top it with some chopped mangoes and the final layer of mixed curd and mango puree(i.e Mango lassi)

Layering you can do as per your choice

Then  garnish with saffron,elaichi,pistachio

Chill & serve

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