Mango Smoothie – A Healthy Drink


Mangoes are about to say Bye- Bye, as Rains have knocked the doors. Before mangoes say bye either store them enough to enjoy throughout the year or enjoy them enough in form of Aamras,Mango Kalakand, Mango Kulfi, Mango Bhajiya, Mango Cream or in form of Smoothie.

This King of Fruits is loved by one and all and we can have it any form and still love it in all forms.All above mango dishes recepies are easily accessible on this blog,so you can scroll and try any recepi of your choice.

Today sharing a recepi of Mango Smoothie which is very healthy, tasty and easy to make. You can have it in morning breakfast too, as it is fulfilling too. This includes many other fruits along with mango and can be liked by kids too.

Including Chia seeds to it makes healthy and power pack too.So lets have look at recepi


2 chopped mangoes

2 spoon hung curd

1 spoon soaked chia seeds

1spoon honey/rose syrup.(Can use brown sugar too)

Any other fruits for garnishing. I used grapes berries, chopped mangoes, pomegranate


 In mixer blend curd & 1 mango with sweeter of your choice

Take a glass add soaked chia seeds, mango curd pulp

Garnish with fruits

Serve chill
NOTE:-Can also use Nuts & other seeds for garnishing  to make it more healthy

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