Veggie Delight Sandwich – Subway Style


We all know Subway has varieties of Sandwich options with different varieties of Footlong bread. At Subway we are free to choose our choice of bread like, wheat/multigrain/oats and honey bread etc. Same way we are free to choose the veggies too which we want to include in our sandwich

Veggie Delight is a foot long bread, cut into halves and loaded with lot of veggies and sauces of your choice.The concept is healthy bread loaded with veggies. It has a bed of lettuceon bottom half, a cheese slice and then loaded with other veggies like cucumber, onion, tomatoes, jalepeno,olives,bell peppers and sauces,

How if we get all these choices at home itself? Like we can make bread of our choice and same way include veggies and sauces of our choice too. This will certainly help us to know what we are eating and how healthy way it is prepared.

Sharing my attempt of making bread and veggie delight at home. Its really easy and tastes awesome as you add all ingredients of your choice. Certainly it can be a treat to your taste buds and I am sure youre gonna try it at earliest.

Ingredients for bread loaf

3 cups of maida( apf)

1 spoon sugar

1 1/4 spoon yeast

1 spoon olive oil

1 cup warm water

3/4 spoon salt

Ingredients for Sandwich

4-5 spoon Mayonnaise

1 slice of cheese

1 spoon chilli tomato sauce

1 spoon mint chutney

Slices of cucumber/ tomato/ Onion/lettuce/ capsicum/ olives/ jalepeno or any veggies of your choice

A pinch of chaat masala

Preparation of bread

In a bowl take 2 spoon of warm water, add sugar & yeast.Mix well and keep it aside for 5 min

In another bowl mix flour & salt

Once the yeast mixture becomes frothy add it to the flour and make a dough

Add water as required to knead a soft dough. Knead it for 5-8 minutes

Now add oil and knead it again.In a greased bowl , make a ball of dough and keep it covered in warm place for one hour or till it doubles

After one hour again knead the dough for2-3 minutes,apply some oil and keep it for second proofing i.e for half an hour

After second proofing, divide the dough into two parts.Take one part, with the help of fingers shape it as rectangle roti

Now roll it from one end to another in cylindrical shape.Close both side ends and shape it

Repeat above two steps for second part too.Now again keep it for proofing for 15 minutes

Brush it with butter, sprinkle some oregano on the bread

Bake it in preheated oven @ 200°c for 20-25 minutes till it turn good brown colour

Brush it with some butter again and cover it with clean cloth till it gets cool

Preparing Sandwich

Cut the bread from center( only front & side)

Keep triangle shape cheese slice on the upper part and bake @ 200°for 10 minutes, till cheese melts

Make bed of lettuce/cabbage on the bottom part of bread and then put veggies of your choice, cucumber,onion,capsicum,tomato. If you have olives and jalepenos add them too.Sprinkle some chaat masala on it

Prepare two sauces. One mayonnaise with chilli tomato sauce and other mayonnaise with green chutney/ mint paste. You can also use readymade sauces too

.Apply both sauces on veggies and sandwich is ready to serve and eat.

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