Chakki Ki Sabji- A Unique Recepi


We all have Roti’s/Parathas/Naan/Puri’s made of wheat flour, so basically wheatflour is used to make Indian breads.

Have you ever made Sabji using wheatflour? Yes, you heard me right, Sabji out of wheatflour.I have shared many famous Rajasthani Recepies before also. Today the recepi I am sharing is again a famous Rajasthani dish.

Chakki Ki Sabji is a famous Rajasthani dish, where Chakkis are square dumplings made of wheatflour washed in water for 5-6 times, boiled in water, fried in ghee and then cooked with gravy. Process of making this Sabji is long, yet it is worth as it turns out very delicious rich gravy Sabji

It is a Rich Gravy Sabji and can be made for small family gatherings, Parties or any other occassion. It is so tasty that it is liked by kids and elders both. It can be served with Naan/Paratha/Tandoori Roti/Simple Roti.

Chakki ki Sabji
IngredientsFor making chakkis

21/2 cup wheat flour

Salt to taste

Tub full of water( change water 5-6 times)

Ghee for frying

For gravy


1tej patta( bay leaf)

2 laung

1 badi elaichi

2 green elaichi

1 kashmiri chilli

1 spoon shahi jeera( jeera)

1/4 spoon hing

Then for gravy

1 cup thick curd

4 spoon ghee

Ginger garlic paste

2 small or 1 big chopped onion

5-7 cashew powder

1 spoon kasuri methi

1 spoon chilli powder

1/2 spoon haldi powder

1/4 spoon garam masala

Salt to taste

1/2 spoon coriander powder

Green chopped coriander for garnish

Preparation of chakki

Take flour add salt and knead it in a soft dough

Put the dough in a tub full of water for some time and start rubbing it gently

Do this process for 5-6 times with proper intervals giving rest to the dough and changing water too

After doing the above process,dough which will be left  will be in lesser quantity than original(almost 1/4th of original) and elastic too

 When the dough is sticky, just press the dough from both the hands and steam it. Use any seive, spread the dough on seive and steam it.  Cook for 5-8 min

Take it out and cut it into small pieces. ( Its now no more sticky and can be easily cut into pieces)

Again put it into the same boiling water for 2-3 min

Check if it cooked fully.( can check it with a toothpick)

Now Heat some ghee into pan & deep fry the cut pieces

Preparation of Gravy

 Heat a kadai , add ghee to it

 Put all tadka ingredients in it and let them splutter

 Add chopped onions & ginger garlic paste,Cook till it changes its colour

Add spices like coriander, chilli, turmeric powder garam masala and salt

 Add  curd and cook for 2-3 min.Put  cashew powder and stir

Cook  for 2-3 min then add half cup water

Put the  fried Chakki pieces into the Gravy

Add kasuri methi and garnish with chopped coriander

Serve with hot Naan, tandoori roti,simple roti

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