Jaggery Churma Ladoo -A Traditional Sweet


In my Previous post I mentioned about Shravan/Saawan month and how auspicious month it is for Hindus.

This year we have five Somvaar(Mondays) in Shravan/Saawan Month. Mondays are considered special in this month as we pray to Lord Shiva in this Month,specially on Mondays, where people keep fast and worship Lord Shiva.

This week I am sharing a recepi of Churma Ladoo. This is a very traditional recepi and I have relished these Ladoos and are my favourite from childhood days. This recepi is my grandmaa’s recepi and after her followed by my Mother.

These ladoos are healthy and very tasty as they are made of Jaggery and with very less amount of ghee as compared to other sweets. You can also store them for a longer period and relish the taste of it . The best combo to relish with these Ladoos is Panchmel Dal. Do try this combo of Ladoo and Dal, you will certainly love it.So lets have a look at the recepi of these tasty ladoos.


1/2 kg wheat flour

3/4 cup ghee

250 gm jaggery

11/2 cup water( for chasni)

Elaichi powderAlmond flakes

In a big plate/ tray take wheat flour.Add a spoon of ghee and mix it flour and check if it binds in a fist

Sprinkle some warm water and mix it with both hands so that no lumps are formed.Pat and set it as shown in pic , ( you dont have to make dough of it) Set & keep it covered for 15 minutes

Sieve with moti chalni and cook it till it turns good brown colour. If the quantity is more, cook in half half batches

Add 1  spoon ghee after half cooking and then cook again till it turns brown colour

Once it is cooked, keep it for cooling.Till then we will prepare chasni for churma

In a pan take 11/2 cup water,add jaggery and let it melt on low flame.

Once jaggery melts , let it cool a little then add 11/2 spoon ghee to it

Add elaichi powder, almonds flakes to the churma.When chasni is ready( one and a half thread chasni) add churma mixture to it and mix it well with chasni

Now bind ladoos of it . If you find difficult to bind ladoos then add 1/2 spoon of warm water to mixture. Garnish it with almonds

Serve as Prasad to Lord.

You can enjoy them like it only or the best combo with these ladoos is panchmel dal.( dal recepi is posted in previous posts)

Relish these healthy and tasty ladoos. Store it airtight container.

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