Pachdhari Halwa – Traditional Dessert


I am back with one more traditional dessert recepi for Sawan Somvaar. Being third Somvaar of this month, I am taking you all back to my childhood days.

This Halwa I am relishing from my childhood days specially in Sawan Month as it used to be served as Prasad to Lord Shiva specifically in this month. This dish has lot of memories attached with my Grand Parents too as we all use to go to temple to worship Lord and a sumptous meal was served to us as Prasad.

This Halwa was a special dish in menu. Speciality of this halwa is, it is made of Maida. Yes this halwa is made of maida, milk/khoya, ghee, sugar and dryfruits. I am not sure but as it include five ingredients that is why it must be named as Pachdhaari Halwa

It tastes very good and also an unique recepi to be served in house party or on festivals


Maida 100 gm

Ghee 100 gm

1 litre milk/Khoya(made of 1 litre milk, mostly it turns out 200 gm)

100 gm sugar

Dry fruits (elaichi powder,almonds,saffronsoaked in milk, pistachios)

Food colour( optional)


In a pan heat ghee, add maida to it and cook it on slow flame. Keep stirring and cook till maida turns to good brown colour

Now add some milk to it and keep stirring. Please note that milk we have to add in 3-4 batch , not totally together.If adding khoya, then also add in small batches and stir it properly.

When one batch milk evaporates then add more & so on with a continuous stirring

After adding whole milk, add sugar and keep stirring.Once sugar dissolves, it will start leaving ghee, if not then cook little more with continous stirring till it leaves ghee

Add saffron milk, elaichi powder, almonds & pistachios.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow !! Looks delicious, i will definitely try this.
    Also, the picture of the glass bowls on a background of red is beautiful šŸ˜šŸ˜


    1. Aarti says:

      Thankyou so much, do try and give your feedback.


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