Mawa Rose Strawberry Modak- Festive Special


Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner and we all are busy in preparation to welcome Lord Ganesha

Amidst all the preparation going on, the important preparation is to make Modaks We all know Modaks are our Ganesha’s favourite and offered as Prasad to Lord Ganesha

Traditional Modaks are made using milk, rice flour,jaggery and coconut Today I am sharing a very easy and flavourful recepi of Modak This Modak is made up of Mawa with a hint of rose flavour and the filling is prepared with strawberry and coconut , Isn’t this sounds interesting

So without any delay, lets have a look on this easy, flavourful recepi

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Everyone!


200 gm Mawa (made from 1 litre full fat milk)

2spoon of rose syrup

5/6 spoon Sugar

1 spoon ghee

For filling

3 spoon strawberry crush

7 spoon dessicated coconut 


Heat a Pan a little, add dessicated coconut & strawberry crush to it

Cook till they both get mixed properly on low flame. Keep aside and let it cool completely

Heat another pan, put mawa to it and keep stirring till it get little hot.Add sugar and mix it , keep stirring it continously as sugar will leave water.Add rose syrup to it and keep cooking till water evaporates completely

Let it cool. Add spoon of ghee, so it will not be sticky

Make small balls of coconut strawberry mixture. It should be small as we will use it for filling in modaks

Grease the mould with ghee.Fill mould with mawa,make a hole in center,put filling ball and cover it with mawa coating again.Repeat the steps for all modaks

Note: I used readymade strawberry crush so it was sweet hence no sugar added to it.

All cooking has to be done on low flame

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