Poha Mathri – Teatime Snack

We all love to munch some snacks with our hot cup of Tea or coffee, may be it in morning breakfast or evening time.

Poha, upma, besan cheela are the common snack or breakfast items. How if by using the ingredients of same items we innovate a new dish for our breakfast or as an evening snack

Yes,you read it right. Today I am sharing a innovative recepi which will have main ingredients of our common breakfast dishes but still a new dish for the taste buds.

This is how Poha Mathri got invented in my kitchen too.Was bored of all regular dishes for breakfast/snack so tried mixing all the ingredients and innovate a new dish and want to tell you it turned out really tasty and was happy to try it and so now sharing with you all this innovative recepi


1 cup poha

1/2 cup besan

1/4 cup suji

2 spoon oil

Salt to taste

1/2 spoon chilli powder

1/4 spoon haldi powder

1/4 spoon ajwain

Green coriander chopped

Oil for frying


Wash poha and soak in water. Just dip poha in water, it should not be too much water.Keep aside for 10-15 minutes

Mash it completely using hands.Now add besan, suji , oil and all masalas, green coriander and make a poori like dough

Roll it in mathri shape andsize and fry them

Poha mathris are ready to serve with tea

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