Dabeli – A Snack Recipe

Dabeli is a street food of Gujarat and Maharastra.Dabeli is originated from kutch in Gujarat.

The meaning of word Dabeli is “Pressed”. It is basically a dish in which a Pav is filled with tangy and spicy potato filling and chutneys. It is garnished with roasted peanuts, nylon sev and pomegranate.

Dabeli Masala is a unique masala prepared using specific spices. It gives a unique taste to Dabeli. You can prepare this masala as mentioned in this recepi or can use a store bought Dabeli Masala.

I have used homemade fresh Pav for making Dabeli. You can also make Pav at home ( check recepi of Pav posted earlier) or readymade Pav as per your wish.

2 medium potatoes
1 chopped onion
2 spoon dabeli masala( i used homemade,check recepi)
1 spoon oil
Green chutney
Tamarind chutney
Garlic chutney ( optional)
Roasted Peanuts
2 spoon Pomegranate
Nylon sev & chopped corinader for garnishing.

4 Pavs

Ingredients of dabeli masala
Small piece of Cinamom
2 spoon Jeera
2 spoon Dhaniya
2-3 Laung
2 Badi ilaichi
3-4 Kashmiri chilli
8-10 Kali mirchi
1 spoonSalt
1 spoon Sugar

First we will make Dabeli Masala, Dry roast all the ingredients of dabeli masala till aromatic, let it cool and then grind it into powder .
Boil potatoes,peel and mash them.
Heat oil in pan , add jeera, once it splutter add prepared Dabeli Masala,just cook it for 1-2 seconds,dont let it burn , add mashed potatoes to it.
Add 2-3 spoon water, salt to taste and let potatoed get cook for 1-2 minutes.
Cut the Pav from center, apply green chutney on one side and tamarind chutney on other side.
Now sprinkle some dry dabeli masala on it.
Fill the Pav with potato filling in good amount, 2-3 spoon
Now cook the pav in butter from both sides. Dont cook it for long.
Garnish the Dabeli with chopped onion, peanuts, pomegranate and nylon sev.
Enjoy the yummy, chatpati Dabeli as evening snack or party dish.

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