Milk Kesar Peda – An Easy Dessert Recipe

If you are craving for sweet and want to make it in easy way then this recepi is certainly for you.

Different varieties of Pedas are available in market. Every variety has its own unique taste and speciality.This Milk kesar Peda is very easy to make.It can also be consumed during fast

Peda is liked by all kids and adults.The taste of milk( khoya) and aroma of kesar blends together and make it an awesome recepi.

During this pandemic period we want to avoid outside sweets or things, but we need not to control our sweet cravings as this recepi will certainly satiate your sweet cravings and will be ready in no time.

So lets have a look at this easy peasy Peda recepi.

1 litre Milk
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup water
12-15 strands of kesar
Elaichi powder
Pistachio/Almonds( for garnishing)

Boil Milk and make khoya of it.
Now in other pan add sugar and water. Boil it.
Add kesar strands ( soaked in milk), elaichi powder
Make one thread chasni, now add khoya to it.
Keep stirring till all water evaporates.
Now let it cool a little, form Peda from it.
Garnish it with Almonds/ Pistachio
Milk kesar Pedas are ready to relish

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