Sondesh (Jaggery) – A Famous Bengali Dessert


Sondesh is a very famous bengali dessert and is available in market in many different flavours Although this dessert can be enjoyed in any season but it is perfect dessert for Upcoming festive season

Sondesh is a very healthy and easy to make dessert The best part is you can customise it and make it the way you want to. It can be made with Milk, Chenna or Cuddled Milk. Other options which can be used as sweetner are Sugar or Jaggery.

This dessert as it is made up of Milk/Chenna, can also be consumed in fast. So a good and healthy option for coming Navratri Festival too

In my previous posts, I have shared few different recepies of Sondesh made in different ways. Today I am sharing one another recepi of Sondesh made using chenna and jaggery as sweetner. So lets see the recepi of this healthy and delicious dessert.


1 ltr Milk

2 spoons lemon juice/ vinegar

Elaichi powder

1/3 cup jaggery ( approx 80 gms)

2 spoon ghee

Pistahios for Garnishing


First boil milk and add lemon juice/ vinegar to cuddle it.Strain the paneer and keep it aside for sometime till it leaves all water

In a pan heat ghee , add jaggery in it.Keep the flame low and let the jaggery melt,occassionaly stir the same.Till jaggery melts, mash the paneer with hands to make it smooth

Now add paneer in batches to jaggery and mix it properly

Keep cooking till paneer and jaggery mixes properly ( as shown in pic)

, Put off the flame and let it cool for sometime Add elaichi powder and mix

Shape it in your favourite shape,store it in air tight container and referigerate i

Relish the healthy yet tasty Sondesh

Note:- Alternatively,You can also steam Sondesh. In that case mix jaggery powder in paneer, shape them and then steam them in steamer or idli stand

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