Pav Bhaji Muffins – A Party Snack




Pav Bhaji is an famous street food all over in India. It is a combination of spicy mashed mixed veggies with buttery Pav. It is served with dollop of butter with some fresh chopped onion, chopped coriander and lemon juice

Pav Bhaji is in menu list of almost all parties, specially if its kids party then this is sought of compulsion to include it in Menu . It is loved by one and all. So considering it as favourite party menu, I made some changes in Pav Bhaji recipe.

Pav Bhaji can be a whole meal or a snack too. So today I am sharing a recipe of Pav Bhaji Muffins.Instead of serving both Pav and Bhaji separately, muffins makes it a one cup dish. This will make easy party starter both for kids and adults and at the same time it will be fulfilling too

So lets have a look at Pav Bhaji Muffins recipe, where pav recipe is same as I posted earlier with few modifiations in shaping them and a detailed bhaji recipe is shared below

Ingredients for Bhaji (serves 4 person)
1 small Cabbage

1/2 lauki ( bottlegourd)

1 big or 2 small Capsicum

2 medium carrots

1 potato ( optional(I generally use more of lauki to skip potatoes)

1 Beetroot( gives restaurant color to bhaji)

A fistful of Peas

2-3 spoon ghee/ butter

Butter for serving

Chopped onion

Chopped coriander for garnishing

2 spoon Pav bhaji Masala

Salt to taste

1/2 spoon chilli powder

1/4 spoon haldi powder

For Pav I have used 2:1 ratio of all purpose flour and wheat flour. You can use full apf or wheat flour as per your choice.
You can refer to my Pav recipe posted before. Only thing you have to take care that instead of shaping them as Pav before second proofing, shape them as pooris and fix them in cup cake liners properly greased . You can use paper cups/ muffins tray to shape them

At this point only fill the bhaji in the cups and keep it for second proofing for 15/20 minutes.


Chop all the veggies and pressure cook them adding salt, chilli powder and haldi powder.( except peas)Take 5-7 whistles so that veggies get mashed easily

Now heat a pan, add 2-3 spoon ghee/ butterIf you wish to add chopped onion then can add & cook. I dont add onions in bhaji as we need to garnish it with chopped onion anyways

Put pav bhaji masala ,mix it in ghee for a second then put mashed veggies in it.Add Peas to it at this stageMix and cook it till it thickens

Please take care it should not be watery/ flowy at all, otherwise the cups will start leaking

Fill the bhaji in the cups and keep it for second proofing for 15/20 minutes

Bake them at 180° for 20 minutes or till they get cooked

Garnish with butter, chopped onion and coriander,Serve them hot

You can also reheat them in microwave whenever required

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