Orange Pineapple Mocktail- A Perfect Party Drink


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Whenever we host a party, our first thing is to decide the Menu for the Party . Welcome drink plays an important role in our menu list as it is the first thing to be served to guests on arrival.

So deciding the welcome drink is challenging when the party is for both kids and adults. So today I am sharing a recipe of a Mock tail which is kid and adult friendly. The best part is you an make it with fresh juices .

Both Orange and Pineapple are rich in Vitamin C , which is the need of an hour in todays time. Vitamin C helps us to boost our immunity and also the taste of both the fruits is loved by all.

So lets have a look at this interesting recipe, full of flavours and taste.

Ingredients( for 1 glass of mocktail)

1/3 glass fresh/ packaged orange juice

1/3 glass fresh/ packaged pineapple juice

1/3 glass Soda

Sugar & black salt optional

2/3 spoon of grenadine( pomegranate syrup)

Some sliced lemonFresh mint leaves

Ice cubes


Take a tall glass, add ice cubes, some lemon slices and mint leaves in it

Add orange juice, then add pineapple juice and mix it with spoon

Now add soda on the top, dont stir .Add grenadine, I have crushed pomegranate in mixer without water and made it at home. You can use store bought also

This will make colorful layer in your glass.I have not addded sugar/ salt in it

If you want you can decorate the rim of glass with black salt to make it look attractive

Just garnish it with fruit/ lemon slice and your orange pineapple mocktail is ready to serve

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