Baked Sabudana Basket Chaat- A Recipe for Fast


As we all know, Navratri is going on and many people are fasting and eating Samak rice, Sabudana,Rajgiri flour or suh ingredients which we eat in fast

Previously also I shared many recipes which can be eaten in fast. Today I have one up with one more interesting recipe which will surely loved by you all observing fast

Best part of this recipe is it is very healthy and can be made in no time and is tasty too. Instead of eating too fried or oily food in fast, this recipe is Baked with minimal amount of oil

So without delay,lets see the ingredients and the process of how to make it

Ingredients for basket

1 cup soaked sabudana(overnight or 5-6 hours)

2 medium boiled potato

1/4 cup roasted groundnut powder

Sendha namak as per taste

1/2 spoon Black pepper( or as per taste)

1 spoon oil

Green chillies 

Chopped Coriander

For filling

1/2 cup paneer cubes

1 /2cup boiled sweet potato

Green chutney

3/4 cup thick curd

Sendha namak

Black pepper

Jeera powder

Few pomegranates for garnishing.


In a bowl mix all ingrredients of Sabudana basket and mix them well. Take care to mix them with light hands

Set them in paper liner or cup cake moulds properly greased

Preheat oven@ 200°c.Now keep the sabudana basket for baking @200°c for 20 min

Till the basket is getting ready, lets prepare the filling

Take a bowl, cut small square pieces of paneer and sweet potato

Add all spices, mix them well and keep it aside

Once the basket are baked, let them cool,demould the basket, put the sweetpotato paneer mixture in it

Garnish with curd, green chutney and pomegranate

Your healthy, fasting Chaat ready to relish

Note:- For filling you an use fruits also or any other ingredients of your choice

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