Sitaphal Basundi/Rabri – Dessert for Festive Season


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Basundi is a famous dessert in Gujarat, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. However in North India it is known by the name Rabri

Basundi/Rabri is prepared by boiling milk on low heat till the milk is reduced to half. It can be served plain or flavoured with fruit, as done in our recipe today.

Sitaphal/Custard Apple is a delicious fruit having creamy, sweet flesh. It is highly nutritious fruit with lot of health benefits, some of them are like good for heart and high blood pressure. It contains antioxidants and rich in magnesium and potassium

So our todays recipe is using this nutritious fruit and preparing a dessert for upcoming festive season.

Ingredients( serves 6 )

1 litre milk

2 medium size sitaphal/custard apple

Dry fruits- elaichi powder, pistachios, saffron, almonds

Sweetner as per your taste- Milkmaid/Honey/ Sugar/ jaggery anything


Boil 1 litre milk till it boils till it is reducedto half of the total milk

Add saffron, elaichi powder to it ,Now add sweetner and boil for somemore time so that your milk gets caramalised and turns little pink in colour

Keep stirring occassionally after adding sugar else it will stick at bottom of the pan

Once this is done, put off the flame, add more of dryfruits and let the milk cool down a little

Now in a sieve take pulp of sitaphal using spoon and sieve it properly so that seeds and pulp are separated

Keep mashing the pulp a little while sieving it

Once the milk is little cool add the pulp of sitaphal to it and mix it properly.

You can enjoy the Sitaphal Basundi/ Rabri hot or can chill it in fridge and enjoy

Both tastes heavenly and a perfect dessert in this  festive season , easy to make and can be relished by one and all

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